trauma in attachment

If you have an attachment injury then you may have been used to relationships where you have used fantasy tactics to distort reality and false loyalty to convince ourselves to stay in relationships that we know are now working. This came about due to early relationships that undermined their trust.

The pain suffered is due to the prospensity to avoid action to end relationships as you can distort reality for years and years and are disatisfied.

You don’t have the ability to follow through with ending a relationship. You get stuck in the hope of the relationship rather then the facts of this is what it is.

So to end is to work with: how do I end this perpetual confusion… we have to look at the slippery ways that our mind pulls us into that confusion.

If you need to end a relationship you need to think how can you do it from your adult self.

Can you change the relationship toward this haunting loneliness that is linked to your attachment trauma?

I was so grateful for today. I was so grateful for realising my feelings around what is. I realise that I feel sunny is not emotionally available and I am getting triggered. When I see him I want to talk about how I am getting triggered from this relationship and think we are better off as friends or at least needing to take a step back. He may have things to sort through and I deffinitely do.

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